Cold Box Shipping

Included with the free shipping

When the weather is greater than 75 degrees it's advised to get protection for your chocolate, because of how much hotter it can get in transit than the outside temperature. Make sure someone is available when the shipment arrives to keep it from sitting out in the sun.

Orders placed over the weekend will be held until Monday to ensure the least amount of time outside our controlled environment.

Disclaimer: Despite best efforts, we cannot guarantee that your order will arrive in perfect condition and are unable to issue refunds or replace products damaged by extreme temperatures.


In the shipping options select which cold shipping you wish to use. 

Thermo Case

This option is great for temperatures above 80 degrees. This includes the insulation and cold pack, both of which is made up of biodegradable material. 

Cold Pack

This option might be suitable if the temperature is around 75 degrees and short transit. It provides short term protection. The cold pack is made up of biodegradable material.